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Wave skis, equipment and paddles

Streamlyte Visage

This is a large sized powerful blade with stable entry and pull; available in several specs, lengths and feathers. The quality moulded blades will not get damaged by bashing them about.
The Nylon12 / SemiCarbon is a good tough all-round paddle.

New; with superlight Carbon composite blades; the ultimate .

Semi Carbon shaft
N12 blade

Glass blades
semi carbon shaft

Carbon composite




Streamlyte Freeway


Top quality glass paddles with kinetic blades stiffened towards the tip.
The blades are easier to control in turbulent water, saves that split second. Blade area 640sq cm, weight 879g, 45 degree feather, 185cm.

Glass blades
semi carbon shaft



Compression moulded by FoamForge in polyolefin foam, non-slip texture and a self adhesive backing.
Ski-Pad is 30mm thick all around the edge and about 8mm in the centre, best for a heavily scooped-out seatpan.
Competition-Pad is 45mm thick across the back giving more support, the ultimate for gripping the ski but not ideal for heavily sculpted seatpans.
Also budget 8mm foam pads








Adjustable single footstraps to bridge the footwells,    suitable for skis with 2 pairs of central inserts.              (note: fixings extra)

Neoprene tubes for straps.

Footstraps pair

Neo tubes pair



Footstraps Loop

Loop type footstraps:
not as shown, webbing with neo tubes.
Give collet spacing so we can melt holes to match your ski fixings.

Footstrap webbing pair

Neo tubes




Thruster box fins suitable for waveskis moulded in glass filled polypropylene.
Centre fin (112mm base, 115mm deep)
Side fins (80mm base, 88mm deep) (symmetric)

(Multi Fins TS1 and TS3)

red blue yellow black white   (note: fixings extra)

also suitable for surfboards with fin box.

Thruster fins




Seatbelt buckle components


Stainless steel flip-plate and opposing D-ring. Heavy easy glide stiff black webbing.

Heavy swaging ensures a non-slip grip, turned up release plate for easier frozen finger release.

(note: fixings available seperately if required)

Seatbelt plate

D ring

Webbing 2m




Paddle leash

Coiled paddle leash, stretches to about 6ft. Heavy duty urethane with swivels both ends and velcro/webbing paddle attachment.

black or lime green

Paddle leash



Metal Fixings

We have in stock a large assortment of stainless screws, nuts and fittings; phone to check.

Webbing plate ss takes M4 or M5 csk (seatbelt)
Plastic plate takes M5 csk or M6 pan (footstrap)

Finboxes, footstrap plugs etc can also be supplied.

Webbing plate plastic
Webbing plate ss
Finbox plate M5
Screw ss M4 M5 M6
Washer ss M6

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