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Tootega Pulse 85                       "King of the Beach"   £425

The Tootega Pulse 85 is the undoubtedly the best surfing sit on top available and an ideal beach kayak for small to medium sized paddlers, particularly good for kids. The lightest model we offer - this is a very balanced looking kayak which is comfortable and stable with some great features. The chanelled and continuously rockered hull with a very lifted bow make it very manoeuvrable in the surf with enough control to ride along a steep wave face.

This is a compact kayak but very stable because of its flat planing hull cross section. With its very rounded gunwales the Pulse 85 is easy to paddle and best with a 205cm paddle, no protruding handles to get in the way. Quite capable of going off on a paddle around the coast in calm conditions it is best for trips up to a couple of miles each way.

Built in carry handles at the bow and stern and effective grips in the centre make this one of the easiest sit on kayaks to carry. Cockpit hatch with screw lid and captive bag, rear cargo well, bottle holder with Tootega branded drinks bottle, nicely recessed fittings for attaching Tootega seat £40, and thighstraps £35. There are other seat options, for serious surfers the Palm surf backrest is particularly good as it can be set lower for more agile paddlers.

Pulse 85 Hydrolite: only 14kg the lightest ever sit on kayak £495

A Huntsman edition with twin rear rod holders is available for £520 including a Tootega seat.

2.6m x 72cm 18kg capacity 14st/90kg

tootega kayak colour options

Tootega Pulse 85 specification.

features: engineered sculpted scuppers, paddle keeper, 6" hatch, moulded in handles, ergonomic central console, stainless steel fittings, made in the UK

Tootega Pulse 85 photos

James having a great time whilst his daughter gets freezing cold in the next photo Ella, one of the bosses daughters, freezing cold on a tootega pulse 85 for a photo shoot.

The Pulse 85 proving its credentials at  Stanley tidal weir