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Sit on Top Kayaks

All of our kayaks are made in the UK. Prices from only £445

We do not sell cheap Chinese kayaks (Galaxy, Go Sea, Blue Wave etc)

These sit on top kayaks are built to the highest quality, have the best hull shapes and consequently are very seaworthy and paddle extremely well.    We have been involved with waveskis and early sit on models for many years and as a kayak designer/manufacturer ourselves there was really no other choice when deciding which were the best brands to offer.  We have been stocking the Wilderness Systems Tarpons since 2004 and they can justifiably claim to be the ultimate sit on tops.  Islander are made in the UK as are the exciting new Tootega kayaks.

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Islander, Tootega & Wilderness Systems sit on top kayaks

All these kayaks are in stock

WILDERNESS SYSTEMS           100, 120 and 130 tandem made in UK

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100
3.0m x 75cm 25kg
capacity 145kg

A really nice design with plenty of attention to detail from this third generation range of sit on top kayaks. Makes some of the popular models from other manufacturers look very ancient. If you want to do a bit more than just mess about on the beach and fancy a bit of distance kayaking down the coast this is the model of choice. A bit more expensive but worth every penny of it. Can be fitted with rod holders for some serious fishing (see below). Tarpon 100 now made in UK.


In stock: red, lime, mango, galaxy

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120
3.6m x 71cm 30kg
capacity 160kg

(angler version shown plus £70)

Mid range Tarpon very suitable as a fishing kayak without going too large. A nice seaworthy design with a good paddling speed for offshore fishing extended trips. Large bow hatch and easy open centre hatch with large rear tankwell.
now made in UK

In stock: red, lime, mango, galaxy

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130 Tandem

4.0m x 86cm  31kg
capacity 250kg

Extremely well designed double making excellent use of the inerior space and with a big load capacity. Up to three small kids can be carried in addition to the two paddlers in a standard sized double. The usual Wilderness Systems backrests and hatches as standard and great quality.
now made in UK

In Stock: red, lime, mango, galaxy

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135t
sold out
4.1m x 86cm 40kg
capacity 270kg

The long anticipated Tarpon tandem with full phase 3 outfitting as seen on the single kayaks. This is without doubt the most luxurious tandem sit on kayak available. Large capacity and supreme comfort.

Due July


TOOTEGA KAYAKS                                      made in UK - all in stock

Price rise due 1st April

Tootega Pulse 85
2.6m x 72cm   18kg
capacity 90kg

The best of the surfing sit on top kayaks and an ideal beach model for small to medium sized paddlers. Very light and easy to handle. Chosen by us because of its great surfing performance, ideal for any beach around Cornwall..

Pulse 85 Hydroloite only 14kg   £525

tootega pulse 85 plan
tootega pulse 85 side

In stock: 4 colours

Tootega Pulse 95
2.9m x 75cm 21kg capacity 20st/125kg

A surfing sit on kayak for the larger paddler which is very stable and is available in the "Huntsman" angling version as well.

tootega pulse 95

9 In Stock, multiple colours

Tootega Pulse 120 Tandem

3.7m x 84cm   29kg
capacity 185kg

A lightweight and compact double sit on top kayak based on the successful Pulse solo kayaks. Ideal for playing around on the beach, catching a few waves and exploring the nearby coast. A very good model for kids to paddle.

In stock: 5 colours

Tootega Kinetic 100

3.1m x 75cm 22kg
capacity 140kg

All new crossover design with unique integrated drop-down skeg. Compact enough to play in the surf but using the skeg makes it paddle likes a longer touring design. Excellent cockpit and detailing.

Kinetic Hydrolite only 18kg  £615

In stock: std and hydrolite multiple colours

Tootega Sector 110
Tootega Prophecy 110

3.3m x 75cm   27kg

capacity 140kg

A very capable short touring and fishing kayak at a great price. High capacity with loads of storage and very stable

Tootega Sector 110 Huntsman      £725
Tootega Prophecy 110                  £725

Tootega Prophecy 110 Huntsman £775

tootega sector 110 plan

several in stock

Tootega Sector 135
Tootega Prophecy 135

4.1m x 77cm   30kg
capacity 160kg 25s

A swift paddling kayak equally suited to fishing or touring with excellent tracking and neutral handling.

Tootega Sector 135 Huntsman      £745
Tootega Prophecy
Tootega Prophecy 135 Huntsman £795


tootega huntsman sector 135 fishing kayak plan
tootega huntsman sector 135  angling kayak side

several in stock

ISLANDER SIT ON TOPS                             made in UK - all in stock

Islander Paradise

2.85m x 75cm 20kg
paddler up to 90kg
complete with surf backrest

A good looking great all-rounder suitable for cruising modest distances and messing around on the beach. Comfy seating/footwell, small rear hatch. Particularly suitable for smaller paddlers wanting a compact yet very fast and easy to paddle kayak.


In stock: emerald & opal

Islander Calypso Sport
3.0m x 75cm 22kg
paddler up to 120kg
complete with surf backrest

Excellent new all-rounder with a high capacity but comfortable for paddlers of all sizes. A fine uplifted bow with lots of flare gives very dry directional paddling yet the centre hull section makes it very stable. Good for all sea conditions. Plenty of room in the cockpit which has moulded-in footrests and a small hatch as well as the larger bow hatch.

In Stock: emerald and opal

Islander Paradise Tandem

4.0m x 84cm   30kg
paddlers total 180kg
complete with 2 surf backrests

The best tandem option for solo paddling, features a very clean efficient hull for minimum drag and excellent performance in crosswinds. Narrow deck for easy paddling, but note that the front seating position is best for paddlers under 5'10".


In stock: opal and emerald

Islander Strike Fishing Kayak

4.1m x 81cm 34kg
Paddler up to 22st

A very stable kayak with a large uncluttered cockpit and supportive integrated backrest, very suitable for large paddlers

in stock

We keep all of these sit on top kayaks in stock all the time and have most colours available.
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