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Sea Kayaks

We stock the new Venture Jura sea kayaks which are based on and have very similar performance characteristics to the P&H Scorpio sea kayaks. Made in the same factory with the same polyethylenes and featuring almost the same specifications as the Scorpios.

The P&H range of polyethylene sea kayaks are available to order, these have been the UK's leading brand for decades. They are full specification kayaks with waterproof hatches and bulkheads, drop down skegs, performance hull designs and a proven pedigree. In expert hands these kayaks can be paddled in some of the roughest sea conditions that Cornwall experiences but they are largely enjoyed for their fast cruising speeds and seaworthiness in calm or moderate conditons.

Our range of Sea Kayaks

Venture Jura mv

- new model value sea kayak
- integrated "skudder"

- single skin 3 hatches

490cm x 56cm 27kg

trilite lava in stock £1525

Venture Jura hv
£1395 reduced to £1185

- higher volume version
- integrated "skudder"

- single skin 3 hatches

491cm x 59cm 29kg

turquoise in stock

P&H Virgo
£995 - £1345

- 14ft play day kayak

MV in stock:    MZ3 lava
CX turquoise and lava
HV in stock: CX turquoise

P&H Delphin 150
£1695 to order

- smaller version Delphin
- highly rockered lively design
- faster than expected

           457cm x 55cm 24kg

P&H Delphin mk2 155
£1795 to order

- unique "play" kayak
- excellent surfing & rockhopping
- ww type cockpit outfitting
- radical hull design

472cm x 57cm 26kg

p&h delphin 155 sea kayak

P&H Scorpio mk2 LV
£1695 to order

- low volume for smaller paddlers
- stable expedition sea kayak
- 4 hatches - 3 bulkheads
- performs well in following sea

509cm x 54cm 25kg


p&h scorpio 168 lv top

p&h scorpio lv side

P&H Scorpio mk2 MV

- fast and stable
- based on P&H Cetus composite
- fantastic expedition kayak
- paddles well fully loaded

516cm x 56cm 28kg

p&h scorpio 170 top

p&h scorpio 170 side

in stock turquoise

All of these models are capable of providing some of the most rewarding sea kayaking in Cornwall in all but the most severe sea conditions. We would recommend some specialist coaching before planning long trips along the more exposed parts of the Cornish coast.




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Transitional Sea Kayaks such as the very capable Dagger Stratos 14.5 can be found on our Touring Kayaks page.



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Sea kayaking in Cornwall, some of the best paddling in the UK.
P&H kayaks are particularly suitable for long distance kayaking around the Cornish coastline. We stock the full range of their rotomoulded kayaks at our shop.