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The Wild One is our superb all-round kayak which has
been designed for easy performance on all waters
A pair of Wild One kayaks on show at the canoe exhibition

The ‘Wild One’ is available direct from WILD THINGS.

With so many different kayak designs available today it seems the idea of a serious 'All-Round' kayak has been lost in the race to produce evermore specialist models. The 'Wild One' has been created to meet the undervalued requirement for a pure 'general purpose kayak'.

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Sport spec - unavailable

A purpose designed 'all-rounder'...fast redefining the term and establishing itself as the boat to have. Stable, fast and easy paddling on flatwater; yet responsive and predictable with superb performance in the rough stuff. True versatility for novice to advanced paddlers - the 'Wild One' excels as an all-rounder. It looks good, feels great and paddles superbly.

upper dart, grade 4-5 whitewater Falmouth canoe club, juniors and instructors paddling Wild One's

no quibbles
(but not a single problem or complaint in over 1350 boats since launch!)