buoyancy; closed cell black minicell buoyancy, 80N bow , 140N stern buoy'cy. 
end grabs; semi rigid, tested to over 4000N. replaceable.
polyethylene; we use metallocene derived linear polyethylene, also known as superlinear. It is repairable and recyclable. Superlinear has excellent impact resistance for its rigidity.
Stainless fittings; all screws and nuts are highly corrosion resistant A4 grade stainless.


length             3.33m                                width               0.60m
volume           260 litres                           weight             17.5 kg
cockpit           78cm x 40cm inside

Design (and how it affects performance)   (Sport spec)

Designed and manufactured to BSI 7852 (Code of Practice for design and construction of canoes)

Hull x-section; shallow arch with slight vee for optimum all-round use, stable enough on flatwater and forgiving in whitewater.
Planshape; widest point just forwards but almost symmetrical bow/stern.

Rocker; subtle through the centre of the hull and exaggerated towards the ends for easy flatwater paddling without compromising whitewater performance.

Bow; deep entry helps straight line tracking on flatwater, cuts cleanly into 'chop' and provides rapid resurfacing in whitewater. Rounded to minimise catching.

Gunwale; low and chamfered to give excellent edge control and lively performance.
Volume; well distributed, excellent reserve buoyancy.
Deck; carefully sloped away to the gunwale near the cockpit, this enables a good paddling stroke to be performed, something smaller paddlers find very difficult in many designs. High foredeck at cockpit front to resist folding. Shape of deck gives easy rolling, and avoids gunwale snatch.
Cockpit; well placed seat and high front means all but the very tallest can lift knees out whilst seated. Rear of cockpit is low for easier rolling and it means kids aren't up to their armpits in canoe! Integral thighgrips fit just about anyone. Rim keeps decks on, undercut is reduced at the front for easy release.

Integral thighgrips; foam padded and fit just about anyone.
well contoured to fit all sizes closely and help with control, located a bit higher off the bottom than usual for better paddling (esp' kids), anti-slip texture.
Footrest custom moulded and fully contoured ergonomic fullplate footrest.
Fit & Comfort; intangibles, but extremely important, and always highly praised by users of all sizes.