Designed and manufactured to BSI 7852
(Code of practice for design and construction of canoes).
 SPORT                                                          £445

  CENTRE (4 kayaks minimum order)           £300


  As sport spec except        1. notch footrest in place of fullplate (now 5 peg)
                                               2. no drainplug
                                               3. no backrest (rear buoyancy foam cut to give support)
                                               4. no foam padding on integral thighgrips


Skeg option   This simple but effective slot-in-skeg is available if you envisage paddling on open water in strong crosswinds or if complete novices will be paddling the kayak for some distance. A small slot is moulded into all kayak hulls, the semicircular skeg (roughly hand sized) is a push fit and has a retaining bungee                                                                      £20
Padded Backrest  Very comfortable and supportive, not only that but also very articulated so moves easily with your back when you lay back to roll or perform advanced paddle strokes. Can also be quickly retrofitted to existing Wild One backrests.
                                               now standard fit on Sport