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Read what other canoeists have to say about the 'Wild One'.
This superb all-round kayak has been tested on whitewater,
flatwater, surf and sea by novice to experienced canoeists from all over the UK.

Sarah Kelly   lives and paddles in Poole, Dorset

'It is a smashing little boat, a delight to paddle, well balanced, wonderfully stable, tracks really well....'

Shoreline Outdoor Pursuits

'I spent a considerable amount of time and energy last year looking at the alternatives and this kayak won by a mile'.

Jeremy Hall     An experienced sea kayaker and K1 paddler                new update

'A true "General Purpose" boat, you can have an enjoyable paddle in it on any kind of water, in any conditions......This boat should get an award for its clever design'!

Berwick kayak club

'I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the three 'Wild One' kayaks...'

Matt Mendham   A 15 year old tyro from Dorset

'It beat any other competition because of its price and performance'

Falmouth canoe club

'We liked the 'Wild One' for its versatility, its looks, its quality of manufacture and its competitive price'

Canoeist Magazine review

'For a boat of this quality you would generally expect to pay rather more'.    

Hari Nortman, Essex,  Dear Kevin & Jackie,   I have been looking around for a kayak for the last five years, suitable for all kinds of water... a good all-rounder. Eventually I purchased a Wild One sport and I'm delighted with it. The first day that I received it I took it out to get the feel of it, and after a couple of hours use I decided it's the most comfortable kayak I have ever sat in. I live by the river Thames estuary, with strong winds and currents, and being able to fit the skeg to the kayak has proved to be a big advantage, it's very effective in the kind of conditions I encounter. I have been out in calm and also very rough seas, I've been out in surf on the south coast, I've let friends have a go who have never been canoeing and have observed how quickly they got to use the Wild One. I have even been out in it with a grandchild on my lap, and it handled very well. Being able to get into all of the inaccessible places that you normally can't get to, I've been mullet fishing as the cockpit seems to have room enough around my legs to carry a rod, net and tackle (I haven't caught one yet!). I'm looking forward to shooting some white water soon. It slides on the surface on a sharp turn without digging in. It's sturdy, versatile, a very good all-rounder (GP), for the price it is very reasonable. After over 43 years of experience with canoes and kayaks I would feel confident taking my Wild One round the world with me, to places like India, the Himalayas, Australia and America, and to places that I haven't yet been to. Thanks for my unique colour design, your patience and help and your prompt service.

André Bluteau, Warwick  Hi! Kevin, just to say that my boat arrived safe and sound today as promised. Thanks for a great service. I have been out to christen it this evening for a gentle paddle on the Avon through Warwick, with wonderful views of Warwick Castle, fantastic. Very comfortable, and feels quite stable, and much faster than the Redine I borrowed. However quite manouverable, easy to turn, and I found that neither the front or back buried disconcertingly in the water when doing this quickly, as with other boats I have tried. My 12 year son had a go too, and found it easy to manouver. I might think about a skeg, but think that the tracking will improve as my paddling technique improves! Look forward to some longer paddles now, and a bit of moving water. Love the grey graphics. Thanks again for the advice, and the great service.

Rod Howard, Cornwall   Dear Kevin, I have used the "Wild One" extensively in river, estuary, sea and surf, since purchasing it from you in May. It's performance is unsurpassed by other similar craft I have tried at my local canoe club. I have found it easy to paddle and control, comfortable, fast and reassuring at all times. Easy to launch and land, it handles rough conditions, and is a pleasure to use. The highlight of my paddling career which only started last year 2003 at the age of 64 years was learning to roll.

Paul Griffiths, Anglesey Just to let you know that I am very happy with the kayak so far. Out yesterday afternoon in fairly rough conditions off Newborough beach (Anglesey). Confused sea with some big waves and breaking tops over the sand banks. I am still finding my feet again having not canoed for about 15 years, but the Wild One never got anything wrong, and I felt safe and confident despite the wind and waves.

Tim Wiggans     Manager Kelly College Adventure Centre &
                            Cornwall Scouts -assistant county commissioner for water activities
'I was looking for an all-rounder that would be kind enough for youngsters, but yet allow for progression to whitewater and surf. I found it in the Wild One club and sport kayaks.
The club kayaks have proven a big success with the younger paddlers and enables all ages to participate in flatwater paddling. The sport model has also proven its worth with the ability to paddle up to grade 3 whitewater and sea paddling
These boats are ideal for kayak clubs and Scout organisations and a great way to introduce youngsters to the sport safely. Go on - try the kayaks out for yourself

(Written to 'Scouting' magazines editor for Feb 2002 issue 'Win a Wild One' comp).

Elaine, Norfolk; Just a quick note to accompany the photos of my Wild One kayak which I purchased in March. I have been really pleased with its performance. These photos were taken on the River Wensum in Norfolk in April If you need any quotes for your publicity then here are some comments you can use:
'On an open expanse of water (at Hickling Broad in Norfolk), the Wild One kept its course despite a strong wind and slight swell. The skeg is easy to fit and ensures the kayak holds an arrow straight courtse even when buffeted by waves and wind. It is a very comfortable kayak and gives ample back support. It combines comfort and a sporty feel and the kayak moves swiftly through the water. Although I am of small build the kayak is easy to lift and I can put it on top of the car and into the water on my own. I came across Wild Things stand at the International Canoe Exhibition in Birmingham, sat in the kayak on the stand and liked it, but it's even better on the water!'

Andy Heming, Scotland   Hi Just to let you know I have at last had a chance to get the Wild One on the water. Took it up to Arisaig way and had some wonderful day paddles. It's not a fast kayak,but it really did seem amazingly easy to maintain a fair cruising speed. I was also impressed with how comfy it was for me at 6'. My partner at 5'3" found it comfy and easy to be in as a complete novice too. The spray deck was a very tight fit at first, though as you suggested it eased off enough once it had been on the boat for a couple of days. All I need is to get a decent roll together and then I can check out learning to surf. So thanks very much I'm chuffed to bits with it.

Phil Sheppard, Bucks   To all at Wild Things.   Many,many thanks for the excellent service you have provided. Delivery having taken place last week (sorry for late reply) everything is as asked and as expected. Test driven Saturday for the first time (Marlow, Horizontal rain and force 4 down the river) and she performed 100%. (Training for the DW doesnt seem so bad now!) Thanks again for your service.

Simon Evans, Devon; '...it sure is good at rock hopping; comfortable, agile and kind'.

White Rose canoe club, Leeds;  THE BOAT IS A CRACKER. Beginners who have struggled to go in a straight line in a ****** and ******/**** have all had rapid and successful learning curves and we love it on moving water. We have yet to take it on the sea, but on the flat or moving, whether beginner or expert, we are really pleased you have designed it and that we have bought them.

Roy Cain, Nottingham  Dear wildthings. I have taken out your wild one on three trips so far. the first time I took it for a test run of 17miles,when I finished I needed to do some adjustments like back rest was to far forward and bring the foot rest back,see our I go on next trip. took it out for a 20 mile run next trip on the river Trent in Nottingham,found it allot more comfortable reacted well, pleased with the outcome. next trip went for a 28mile trip on the Trent from get.Hayward to just past Burton on Trent.had wind in our faces choppy water my mate who paddles in a magic bat found it hard to keep up with me.after the trip I found that the seat is a little hard could do with a gel type cover on it to soften it abit.do you do a nose cone to protect the front from rocks and other things I might bash into when I go white watering. nice boat good allrounder made a good decision.

Paul Cuff, Dorset;  Just a quick message to say how pleased I am with the performance of the 'Wild One'. ....... on a recent trip I went from Tarr steps to Dulverton on the Barle and the boat handled like a dream. I have recommended it to everyone I have spoken to.

Peter Cook, Rutland Canoe Club; Kayaks arrived. Splendid service as usual!
(third purchase)

Keith Pyman, Jersey Canoe Club: I am very pleased with the boat which has caused some interest with other members of JCC so perhaps you may get some further orders. In fact when I was paddling the other evening at a club meet, moving along very nicely without having to put any real effort in, the instructor came splashing up behind in his short boat and asked me to slow down because I was getting too far ahead - my thought was that he should be paddling a boat like mine so that he didnt have to put so much effort and noise in to catch up but I didnt say that of course and did as I was asked.