Performance                         How Design affects performance

When the Wild One was designed and prototyped the aim was to produce a kayak that could be used in all commonly paddled waters by paddlers of widely differing size and abilities. The idea was to come up with a design that could be paddled miles along a canal one day; the next spent paddling whitewater grade 3 and the day after that covering long stretches of coastline in exposed conditions. The easiest mistake would have been to put too much emphasis on its whitewater performance and end up with another unexceptional (and so-called) ‘all-rounder’ that was never designed or intended for serious use on flatwater or the sea. Instead, special attention was paid to the rocker - the curve along the keel from bow to stern and crucial to paddling speed. A unique asymmetric rocker was developed during prototyping and combined with a modified shallow arch hull. The blending of these hull lines give the ‘Wild One’ a level of displacement paddling performance unique in this type of kayak.
The result is a stylish kayak that is comfortable, fast, agile, able and dependable in all water conditions.... a design without equal.

Flatwater  Paddling speed and directional control not normally found in a canoe of this design and size due to its exceptional hull design. Cruises easily at 3 knots, with a fast touring speed of 4 knots. The ideal kayak for learning essential paddle skills and for progressing onto more adventurous water.

Whitewater  Fantastic downriver paddling, rapid resurfacing, precise breakouts, good wave surfing and easy looping with predictable stopper handling; all you could want in an all-rounder. Sport spec is suitable for use on up to grade 3 whitewater (grade 4 with optional airbags).

  Paddle comfortably through chop and short seas with its vee-shaped bow and water shedding foredeck. The best 'sea-kayak' all-rounder by far. Space for day and emergency kit, perfect for rock hopping. Optional skeg extends the limiting wind envelope.

  The lifted bow, gentle centre rocker and hard rails at the stern combine for early planing down the line speed, fine control and fluid turns. Sport spec can be used in 4 - 6 ft surf.

Centre Spec  We understand how important it is for centres to provide fun and achievement on day 1,  'Wild One' shortens the learning curve. optional skeg.

Club Spec  Most club boats spend the vast majority of their time on flatwater but need to be suitable for grade 1 and 2 whitewater for those winter trips. The 'Wild One' paddles cleanly and swiftly on flatwater, yet it's performance oriented design allows all those essential paddling strokes to be learned in a responsive hull. The club spec is suitable for flatwater, sheltered coastal and grade 2-3 whitewater paddling.

Sport Spec   99% of personal customers and most clubs opt for this great vale version; comfortable and can be used in up to g4 ww and surf.