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Small by any standards, and with every intention of remaining so, Wild Things are commited to producing the very best, most desirable range of advanced all-round canoes. One of our key strengths is our 'individuality'. This unique micro business is run by Kevin Andriessen, a canoeist since 12 years of age and twice British 'WaveSki' surfing champion.
Me, walking the coast path
A professional navigating officer by trade, all aspects of waveski (Dirty Habits WaveSkis) and canoe design and manufacture have been self-taught with an overriding emphasis on quality and a burning desire to produce the best looking and most highly performing designs whilst retaining real comfort and functionality.

Our innovative rotational moulding machine was custom designed and built in-house. Our production moulds are designed to best utilise the characteristics of the machine, a concept known as 'simultaneous engineering'.  Result: canoe mouldings of the highest quality.
With 20 years experience in the field of hydrodynamic design we are experts at shaping good looking, predictable, high performance hullforms. From concept to the water our models are designed to meet the latest standards and are extensively prototyped to ensure optimum 'paddleability'.

The business is run as a partnership between Kevin and his wife Jackie who is a recreational paddler. Jackie runs the retail shop with it's 40 models of kayak and over 300 lines of kayaking equipment.

Upper Dart, Feb 2000. little water but a lovely day